Bob Howard

I began working with Mr. Francisco Vilarinho of lntersped Logisitcs in 2013 when I needed a logistics service partner with whom to work to secure business with a major customer in Portugal. I had been recommended to Mr. Vilarinho as one of two possible options to work with by the customer.

After interviewing the second recommended logistics company, I visited with Mr. Vilarinho. There was no comparison of either the services offered or the confidence with which those capabilities were presented.

Mr. Vilarinho is by nature enthusiastic, positive and absolutely knowledgeable and expert in his business. ln over six years of working together, lntersped has become the indispensable partner between my technical sales and consulting business, our manufacturer, and the customer. lntersped Logistics is the glue that binds our complete supply chain together for one of the largest, if not the largest manufacturing enterprise in Portugal.

I have worked closely with lntersped and Mr. Vilarinho for six years and have relied on his advice and guidance for all of my logistics needs. I have complete and absolute confidence in anything I undertake with lntersped. Whenever I consider new business in Europe, South America or North America, Mr. Vilarinho is my second call, after the manufacturer, to confirm what is possible and who best to work with to accomplish my goal.

lntersped Logistics is a superlative logistics company and the best I have ever had the privelege to work with.