About Intersped

Intersped – Trânsitos e Navegação, Lda is a freight forwarding company licensed by the Portuguese Government, and member of APAT – Portuguese Freight Forwarders Association, having started its activity in 2005.

Our purpose is to offer our clients a professional and high quality service based on the rigor, professionalism and experience of over 30 years of our excellent team of professionals.


Intersped’s main mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers. All our employees and partners are committed and determined to find solutions tailored to the needs of the organizations we work with in order to respond to all kinds of logistics process needs.

Deliveries on time
Global Shipping
Satisfied Customers
Service quality


Provide through members of an efficient global network of services  covering all freight handling and transportation needs.

Creating a service designed and focused on our customers is one of the main goals of our organization. We focus on quality, efficiency, safety and accuracy.

Security is one of our priorities in every logistics operation we perform. We guarantee that all cargo we carry is safely stored in our warehouse.

We strive to create sustainable relationships with all customers and partners based on these principles of honesty and transparency.

This feature is part of the foundation of our organization. We are always looking for new business paradigms in order to identify new opportunities to foster sustainable growth.

We believe in people, respect the identity of each individual, promoting development, cooperation and communication.


Achieve state of the art of the transportation system supported by close partnership with our customers.

We aim to provide quality logistic services that can bring your products to market quickly, efficiently and safely.

Why choose Intersped?

With over 30 years of experience in the logistics area, we are the ideal partner to help your organization with its export or import processes, offering solutions that fit your needs.